The unchanging and traditional values of
the Moutard Family, combining authenticity, friendship
and quality

The Moutard family has been located in Aube for several generations.

Sharing and Friendship

The desire to provide emotion and pleasure are the main drivers of the Moutard family .

Wine is naturally synonymous with friendship and production is also thought out to accompany important moments of sharing .


Whilst it has traditional values, it also has a modern view of the world which is shown through strong values

Authenticity and Excellence

Particularly well known for its preservation of ancient and forgotten varieties, the Moutard winery is distinguished by its respect for the identity of wines linked to their terroirs.

Its objective is to ensure continuity between the wines of yesterday and those of today.

This involves discovery without being limited to the existing situation, selecting excellence at each stage of the winemaking process and knowing how to question, listen, understand and adapt.

MOUTARD Champagne glass
MOUTARD family vines<br />

Demand and Quality

Every action within the company must satisfy the most demanding quality requirements.

Without forgetting to ensure the best value for money which is one of the signatures of the Moutard company.

Vineyard : experimenting for several years on family vineyards: natural fertilisers. Ploughing.

Vinification : Creation of a cuvée with no added sulphites in Champagne and a project to extend it to other Champagnes.

Burgundy : Sulphur-free wine in Epineuil and Tonnerre and Irancy, then other Burgundy wines for the next year.


The aim is to control quality and traceability of wines and spirits at all times.

A focus on well thought-out wine growing

Producing healthy grapes is a vital and obvious step when developing high-quality wines . For many years and on a daily basis, respect, feeling, observing nature, preservation and long-term conservation of the soil balance have always been topics which lead discussions within the Moutard family.

Its expertise is also related to tradition and respect of its ecosystem for artisan and well thought-out viticulture.

As a result, certain techniques have been used and are the winemaking signature of the company: pre-trimming in the winter period, trimming in the spring period, ageing most wines and Champagnes in a Burgundy oak barrel (an exceptional characteristic), as well as the long resting of our bottles, which can extend up to 15 years.

In Champagne, the land is worked using a “raclote”, a type of spade. The land is supplied with natural manure and Champagne marc and stalks. This is known as soil enrichment, a technique inherited from the family’s precursor.

Activities often follow the lunar calendar to adapt to the biological rhythm of the vine. Mechanical weeding (ploughing), cropping, harvest or bottling, for each of the actions nothing is left to chance.

And the new generation continues the discussion by looking for new solutions which help avoid any addition of sulphites for example, for the good of consumers and wine growers.