The Moutard family’s Burgundy vineyard

The Yonne terroirs in Burgundy

In Burgundy, the great Côte d'Or terroirs are well known, but it is often forgotten that Yonne hides numerous small unknown terroirs which nurture the most affordable and interesting wines.

On the Kimmeridgian soils, which have a high limestone content, the Moutard family continues to grow 100% Chardonnay whites and has been able to innovate with a 100% Pinot Noir. In 2016, they also launched a range of Crémants de Bourgognes including a “signature” cuvée with 3 varieties (Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Aligoté).

The Moutard family’s vineyard

The Moutard family's Burgundy vineyard covers 29 hectares and is organised as follows:

  • Chardonnay – 13.40 ha
  • Pinot Noir – 8.66 ha
  • Epineuil Rouge – 3.52 ha
  • Chablis – 1.53 ha
  • Irancy – 0.97 ha
  • Aligoté – 0.64 ha
  • Petit Chablis – 0.56 ha
  • Chablis 1 er Cru Fourchaume – 0.24 ha
  • Chablis 1 er Cru Côte de Léchet – 0.16 ha

Coming from a terroir near to Côte-des-Bar, the quintessence of the Moutard family’s Chablis is found in their premiers crus . The Chablis Premiers Crus come from plots which are best exposed to the sun, which makes the wines more fine and concentrated than other Chablis, with a long finish.